These are a clear testimony to the vitality of the earth, certainly all the volcanoes are the most visible effect of the fact that our planet is alive (see the flow of heat) and this is largely due to the movement who suffer from the plates (see plate tectonics) above the mantle.

An earthquake is a sudden vibration of the ground produced by sudden release of energy and that energy is spreading in all directions (like a sphere) in the form of waves. But what is this energy? Well imagine it’s like to have in my hands a stick of wood: if you start to bend it offers a resistance to bending which is expressed in the form of elastic energy, rocks behave the same way: ie if a piece of rock begins to deformed, it will offer some resistance (which changes depending on the type of rock), but when the forces that.. Continue reading [..]

Earlier this week, Facebook users have to appease the opposition to the new homapage site, announced that he made a number of changes to the design of the page. I do not know if all the profiles have been updated, in my case I have seen the changes from today.

The following tips are useful primarily to reduce the overload of information, and manage them sensibly, without confusion and without the updates along with interesting accatastino useless things, unfortunately, more and more growth in the service… Continue reading [..]

In 2009, there is still someone who invests on a steam car and try to beat a record set more than a century ago: that is the singular challenge of a team of British engineers. (Alessandro Bolla, April 22, 2009)

A car capable of achieving the remarkable speed is 270 km / h is not a novelty, unless the fireball is not driven by a particular engine, how can it be a steam engine …. A team of British engineers is building this unique vehicle with the goal to beat the speed record for steam cars established in 1906 by American Stanley Steamer.. Continue reading [..]

By adding a Facebook application is very simple. Understanding how to remove an application in Facebook, however, can be difficult. This step-by-step directions show how to delete an application from your profile, the new version of Facebook. If you like the end of the post you can also see a screencast of this process.

I like the "new" design of Facebook, but a lot of users have difficulty understanding how to remove an application once it was installed in the profile. Here’s how .. Continue reading [..]


Cassini-Huygens mission is an interplanetary robotic joint NASA / ESA / ASI, launched on October 15, 1997, with the task of studying the Saturn system, including its moons and its rings. The probe consists of two elements: the Cassini orbiter from NASA and the ESA Huygens lander. Cassini is the first spacecraft to be entered into the orbit of Saturn, the.. Continue reading [..]

Download, save and review videos from YouTube, Google Video, with DownloadHelper, an FireFox add-ons.

The operation is clearly possible even for those not using Firefox, thanks to the many services available online, which is not even necessary to install anything. Here is an overview of what we consider the simplest and most immediate to use.. Continue reading [..]

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