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For those who like Tim Wind and mobile operators can send anonymous text messages to any mobile number Italian, simply type the message using a special syntax and the recipient will not be able to see the number of the sender. The anonymous messages should be used wisely without annoying or harassing the recipient, be aware that following a complaint, the sender is always detectable, we see how to send:

ANONYMOUS SMS WITH WIND (secret-SMS): To send a Secret SMS with this syntax compose the message and then send it to the number of the recipient: * k [blank] k # s [space] message

Example: * # s kk Hello this is an anonymous message sent with Wind-secret SMS

In this case, the recipient will get a message from a number Wind does not know containing the following message: Secret> Hello this is an anonymous message sent with Wind-secret SMS


ANONYMOUS SMS WITH WIND (nick-SMS): The system is the same as above except that in this case, you can write your own nickname with the following syntax: * k [blank] k # nickname [blank] message

Example: * # kk Tigrotto81 Hello this is an anonymous message sent with Wind nick-SMS

Here again the recipient a message arrives from an unknown number but the message back that we put our nickname, so to get there: Tigrotto81> Hello this is an anonymous message sent with Wind nick-SMS

In both cases, the recipients will respond by sending the response to the unknown number that appears, then Wind will be to deliver the answer, as you can see the recipient never knows your number even if it is possible to establish a conversation through messages.

In both modes, the SMS sent to a charge of 15 cents for any calling plan, customers can disable Wind is a priori receiving anonymous messages for free by calling 155.

ANONYMOUS SMS WITH TIM: To send an anonymous message with Tim just enter in the message: Anon [space] number of the recipient [space] [message text]

Example: ANON 335123456 Hello This is an anonymous message sent with TIM

The message must be sent to the number just written 44933, Tim will send it without giving your number to the recipient. The cost of the service is 30.98 cents for every text message sent but the recipient can not respond, even in this case customers may inhibit tim receiving anonymous text messages by calling 119.

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