What is Thunder?

The storm is an intense convective phenomenon accompanied by strong gusts of wind, heavy rainfall also in character and hail lightning (lightning). The storms can be classified into three main types: heat, terrain and time of heat frontali.I develop when the atmosphere is in unstable conditions conditional on reaching a certain temperature near the ground. Are more likely in hot weather, in the mountains in the afternoon and evening. Alps are very frequent in summer, a day or two, while in spring are more likely as the foothills of the Alps covered with snow still on the ground is more difficult to reach the temperature of ignition. The storms are triggered when the orographic flow in the lower middle strata of the atmosphere forces the air to rise to the presence of the mountains. If the atmosphere is unstable above a certain amount can be developed orografici.I temporal frontal storms occur at the transition instead of a front type primarily freddo.Frequenti thunderstorms are also in correspondence of the rarest and occluded fronts are those corresponding to the warm front. The frontal storms can develop at any time of day or night and even in winter. IMG_0013-vi Trentino on one of the most common causes that trigger thunderstorms is known as drop cold quota.Quando cold air masses arriving over the Alps from the northern quadrants are, at least initially, curbed by the Alps themselves on the northern slopes in the lower layers, while cooling is observed at a height that triggers the development of temporali.I thunderstorms are potentially dangerous and violent the more the higher the temperature and humidity in the lower atmosphere. Alps when the atmosphere is very unstable at the sky cloud already this morning and there are frequent downpours. The morning cloud cover does not allow very high temperature and thus any time should not be particularly intensi.La most dangerous situation occurs after a rather protracted period of good weather which allowed to reach high temperatures in the lower layers and stagnation umidità.Quando you experience these conditions the threat of storms is also high because there are no signs premonitori.Il sky is mostly clear until shortly before the development of temporali.Un slight drop in pressure or a slight cooling in height may favor the development of thunderstorms.


Forecasting thunderstorms is very difficult and often necessarily generic. Predict where and when a storm will occur is still impossibile.Ciò that can be expected and if they are more or less favoriti.Se there are no front steps, the pressure is high, low humidity and there are other causes like forcing drops cold at high altitude storms are not favoriti.Tuttavia in these conditions the radiation is high and thunderstorms may develop heat. It still appropriate information see the weather report and pursue outdoor activities especially hiking in the mountains, preferably in the morning, obviously if there are no time during this period of giornata.Si must also keep in mind that thunderstorms have a life average of one hour and generally moving driven by the flow at high altitude. In one place the phase of intense storms lasts on average less than half an hour. The lightning storms are the greatest danger, and then here are some date ideas and practical rules of conduct to reduce the likelihood of being struck by lightning.

What is lightning?

ThunderThere are three types of lightning between clouds diversity within the same cloud and between cloud and earth. They are obviously only the last to be dangerous for those who carry out activities in montagna.I lightning between cloud and ground are the way the earth regains the electrons (negative charges) that are continually “lost” with the beautiful steps.This lightning are thus mainly negative and that is a huge negative charge which usually accumulates at the base of the cloud is discharged to the ground at a time, however, also lightning brevissimo.Esistono positive effects of which are quite similar to those of negative lightning but are less frequent. The lightning occurs when the air is no longer able to keep separate from the floor of the enormous loads that are gathered at the base of the electric field nuvola.Quando ground reaches values so high the hair tends to rise and you may hear some crackling . On the corners of roofs and chimneys can see blue flames of fire calls of Sant ‘Elmo. When these phenomena, the probability of lightning is very cada elevata.Un ‘other curiosities: the lightning is most often unique, but it is not unusual in the same channel as lightning fall in a time when photographing a brevissimo.Infatti night-time moving the camera you can then count these downloads and you will see that sometimes more than one and may even reach a dozen. If you are hit directly by lightning hardly has a chance to survive it suffices to observe the effects that lightning has on plants colpite.Il But there is danger even when it falls near the lightning (lightning indirect). Contrary to popular belief, the current lightning does not enter directly into the ground but “floats” on the surface by decreasing the intensity As you move away from the point of falling. correntepasso1It’s key and then touch the ground at one point only to reduce the current step and it is better to walk hopping so as to touch the ground with one foot always solo.I cattle and sheep, having the front legs are very distant from the rear more likely victims of lightning because of the current pace, the current step may be sufficient to cause respiratory or cardiac arrest (more rare), skin burns and involuntary muscle contractions that can cause the sudden uncontrolled movement or even cause fractures bone. The rope used for insurance among persons with the cable or the iron may be especially dangerous when wet. Where they fall lightning: Lightning can fall ovunque.Quando the electric field between the cloud and the ground is sufficiently intense rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, especially not attract lightning but can possibly cause burns and for this reason it is considered that the jewelry attract lightning.


In the following video shows the formation and evolution of various Lightning slow motion, unusual indeed!

Article taken from vieferrate.it

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