Exactly 50 years ago, April 12 1961, began the epic of man in space.

Yuri Gagarin, a youth of 27 years, aware that he could not accomplish other, was the first man to travel around the earth orbit.

108 minutes in space, at a speed of 27000 km times, recording everything on a pad, his legacy if things had gone wrong.

After a few minutes after launch the first words were in radio contact: “I see the earth surrounded by mist. I feel good. How beautiful”.

The company brought honor to the Soviet Union, which once again allowed the Americans to beat the time, hungry at that time in the space race.

After returning to the ground, he flew again, until 1968, when he died in a plane crash.

The life of this extraordinary pioneer of space and the company 50 years ago, have been collected in a film designed specifically for the Internet: “First Orbit”.

In it is traced the flight of Gagarin minute, original radio communications by synchronizing with a video made ​​of the Earth last January by the International Space Station astronauts, led by Paolo Nespoli. The ISS in fact, along a route similar to that of Gagarin‘s historic feat with the spacecraft Vostok, about once a week.

Here is the full version of “First Orbit” for users of, wishing everyone a goodview.

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