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The strange episodes of Canneto di Caronia – spontaneous fires in houses, vegetation, abnormal flow of electromagnetic energy, sightings of Ovni – do not end up in oblivion. It appears that within a reasonable period of time (at a guess by the end of 2009) will restore those monitors that a couple of years ago had been suspended, creating a typical Italian situation: first there was the decree of Presidency of the Council that established the multidisciplinary team on these phenomena, but other institutions themselves (in the broadest sense, and come up with the region first of all) have done nothing to solve a trivial problem and decisive, to equip Committee on an operating after the owner had to sell the building to its questions, the house in which the equipment was housed and where he worked for the central coordination.

caronia2Well, this long and incoherent impasse seems likely to finish. Dr. Venerando, coordinator of the group of Caronia in these days has something else to think about (also works for the Civil Defense and that means deal with the tragedy of the landslides in the Messina), and usually, by its mindset, it never yields to optimism . But he too is what we learned in other areas: it will come to place sensors and equipment now completely inactive in public facilities, such as the police station, just to give the idea. Beyond. The occasion will be conducive to revitalize the operation monitoring a broad spectrum: the more times we have been suspicious, if not certainty, that Caronia is only one facet of a prism very particular area of the Lower Tyrrhenian (just remember strange phenomena arson that occurred on some ferry service from Palermo and Sardinia). So it is very likely that the sensors are also installed in the Aeolian Islands and other areas in order to create a true network of storage.

caronia3It’s what you are no longer able to do, with a “hole” informative but perhaps a serious surmountable if you resume working with breath, beyond the judiciary investigations resulted in a stalemate (with convenience store? The suspects are strong and justified).

The reality, however, is that the entire population of Caronia and her village by the sea, Canneto fact, there is to drop things. “Sensors continue to prove the existence of something unusual: come into play more often. The problem is that lack of squaring the circle or the unit that metabolizes the data. There is, but it is turned off in a warehouse . Other strange phenomena have occurred, in addition to the steps of unidentified objects in the sky, almost always correlated with the episodes, almost like a kind of “value added”. “It was just that … – further underline the representatives who are fighting for the protection of citizens -: there have been other unexplained fires of brushwood, explosion of lamps. And to have a boy melt the shoes he was wearing … ” Not to mention that those who try to photograph the Ovni is found in a few minutes, no one knows why, with burns to the hands (there are documents that certify the emergency department injury). “A truth we want. Whatever it is” the anger of the people may eventually have satisfaction.

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