The Jellyfish are increasingly common in our seas and accidental contact with them is increasingly likely.

The jellyfish can cause injury from contact and is also important to know how to behave well in these cases.

Jellyfish: who are

Jellyfish belong to the phylum Cnidaria Coelenterates or class of Scifozoi. The term means Scifozoi animal-shaped cups. The jellyfish possess those cnidoblasti particular cells that contain a structure called the stinging nematocysts. It has a filament wrapped around itself that is ejected and sticking in the skin just touching the jellyfish.

Because the jellyfish increase

There are several options. The most reliable are pollution, warming water, biological cycles.

For the first hypothesis are the fertilizers that are washed into waters near the coast to create a habitat for the reproduction of jellyfish.

The water temperature would lead to a greater presence of plankton, the food of jellyfish near the coasts. For some researchers jellyfish breed on the open seas but move cyclically every 10-11 years to breed around the coasts.

Jellyfish Pelagia


Anatomy of jellyfish

The jellyfish is composed of a bell that umbrella and an elongated structure below the handlebar bell said: This is often divided into arms and tentacles. The nematocysts are mainly present on the tentacles. These animals consist of 98% water and nell’ombrella contain a gelatinous substance called mesoglea that facilitates the waterline. They move by becoming carried away by currents or by operation of small muscle groups.

What are the most common jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea

Are three: Pelagia nocticula the Cotylorhiza Tuberculata, the Rhizostoma Pulmo.

This is the largest, up to 60 cm in diameter, with a milky white umbrella on the sidelines violet; the jellyfish Pelagia nocticula is also known as light is phosphorescent at night, it measures about 10 cm in diameter, has tentacles for but long and is particularly dangerous because it often occurs in flocks of hundreds of items, the Cotylorhiza tuberculata has a disk-shaped tentacles and even end with discs, looks at flowering bush but reversed.

Life cycle of Scifozoi

Life cycle of Scifozoi

What are the tentacles

The tentacles have a function of both offensive and defensive, they are lined with special cells called cnidociti able to inject a liquid into stinging prey. The liquid can kill smaller prey that serve as food for jellyfish or remove larger animals potentially dangerous jellyfish.

The liquid stinging

The liquid stinging is usually a mixture of three proteins: a paralyzing effect, with an inflammatory effect and neurotoxic.

Although some large jellyfish can cause death to human anaphylactic shock, usually contact with the tentacles of jellyfish only causes a local inflammatory reaction.

What we hear in contact with the jellyfish

Just place the contact between our skin and the jellyfish we perceive an intense burning and pain. Immediately after the skin becomes flushed and appear small rilevatezze those hives. The sting ends in 10-20 minutes and becomes a sensation of intense itching.

Jellyfish Pelagia


The degree of pain-burning is different depending on the affected skin areas and can become unbearable if it gets hit more than 50% of the body surface.

What’s the first thing to do if you are points?

The first thing to do is not panic, do not scream and breathe normally. If you are near the shore, reach and leave the water. If it is necessary to draw off the attention of the nearest boat and help him to emerge. Once out of the water verify that there are parts of jellyfish stuck to the skin. It must be removed. If you do not have dressing means the only useful thing is to scroll sea water on the sore. This will dilute the toxin may not yet penetrated. Avoid scratching or rubbing instead of sand or use medications impromptu with ammonia, vinegar, alcohol or other remedies do it yourself: there is nothing to worsen the situation.

What is the correct medication

The dressing is made with the correct application of Gel Astringent with aluminum chloride.

Gel Astringent action has an immediate antipruritic and blocks the spread of toxins. Unfortunately it is still common in Italy in the habit of bringing with him a Gel Astringent with aluminum chloride, which is also useful for mosquito bites. The use of creams containing cortisone or antihistamines because these drugs are not given into action after 30 minutes of application, ie when the maximum reaction has already turned off course.

Jellyfish Pelagia


When worry?

If you highlight the subject struck a rash is widespread and obvious difficulty breathing, paleness, sweating and disorientation, it is best to call 118 (Italy) and explain what it is: you will receive instructions on what to do waiting for the arrival of staff ER.

What are the results

The area of affected skin from jellyfish remains sensitive to sunlight and dark curtains quickly. To prevent the skin from getting stained blanket should keep the affected area until the inflammation is over, usually a couple of weeks.




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