First Flight A350

June 14, 2013 is an important date to remember, for all the world of aviation industry. With the success of the first flight of the Airbus A350XWB, in fact, a generational revolution in the way we conceive and build aircraft located the green light.

Aircraft built in composite extremely light travels great distances can, up to 15000 km non-stop, with fuel consumption reduced by 25%. Despite this new design philosophy has been introduced by American rival, moving forward in the development and use of composite materials, Airbus responds with interesting technological innovations, which move further above the threshold of efficiency of this new way of making airplanes.

a350xwbfuselagepanelStands out among all the radical difference in the way of understanding the “composite fuselage”, made ​​up of 4 panels radial, therefore, not consists of cylindrical sections, as in the Dreamliner. Just think of lowering the costs of maintenance, introducing the possibility of replacing any of the panels directly, not being thus forced to set in locally on the fuselage, with somewhat empirical methods and solutions. What is therefore already arrived retirement of brother’s American? These days, however, the announcement by Boeing’s intention to develop a new model.

The battle between the two giants of aircraft has only just begun!






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