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How many of you have heard words like : Spinnaker, Bowsprit, Lugger or Mainsail and the exclamation : Haul to Jib!
All of this maybe watching a tv in a boat race of the American’s Cup. How many of you, really, know whot they are meaning?
Carry on little sea wolves, do order on the boat and let’s go on the sea.
From the pier we get on board, walking on the “Gangboard“ now we can tell : « Welcome to the “Stern“ of the boat ». In the “Cockpit“ we can see the “Rudder“ for drive the boat, infact is directy connect to the “Tiller“.
Do attention when you walk on the boat because the “Rope“ are everywhere. The run in the “Rope Fairlead“ and are essential for “Haul to Jib“ the sails. For do this usually on boat there are same “Winch“ and “Crank“.

Stern and GangboardCockpit and Rudder

Party sailing boatWinch and Cranck

 If we are ready to sailing the first thing to do is to ”Bulwark” our boat. We can bulwark on ”Tack Port” or ”Tack Straboard”. This two position are selected in function of the direction of the wind and what kind of “Reach“ we want to following.
The most big sail, usually of triangular form, is the set on the ”Bowsprit” that is climb on the ”Mast Main”. This structure can be spin in the ”Tack”. At the ”Bow” we can haul the ”Jib” or the ”Genoa”.


Main and Genoa and JibBowsprit and Mast Main


Spinnaker GennakerDrift and Keel

And finally, with wind in their sails, we are ready to hoist our “Spinnaker” that beautiful balloon that always attracts our attention for its bright colors and because it usually allows us to reach higher speeds, even now will be no need to use the term “knots”.
Do not worry if you were very ” Heel”: skewed, and the water enter in the cockpit; under the “Keel” of the body of the boat there is the “Drift” that allows you to not tipping over.



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