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Turns 80, these days, the instrument more than any other in history, has revolutionized the way of making music: The Electric Guitar.

When Beauchamp and Rickenbacker invented the electromagnetic pick-up, in order to detect the vibrations of guitar strings, certainly did not think they are going to revolutionize the way of playing: with their invention was born the Rock!

A small and simple device that can transform the vibrations into electrical impulses of the guitar strings, is the basis of the most popular songs of the last century.

Flying pan guitarGuitar Pick Up

The legendary Jimy Hendrix

Just think how different the world would be without music artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Taylor, John Frusciante, Robert Fripp, David Gilmour, Brian May, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, Mark Knopfler, John McLaughlin, just to name a few, and their legendary instrument.

The first prototype of an electric guitar had the strange name of “Flying Pan”, a sort of giant banjo, very different from the legendary guitarist who would be born a little later.

SantanaFender Stratocaster, Telecaster , Gibson Les Paul, SG, Flying V, etc. .. all united by the same operating principle, was just born a new way of making music.


The teenage rock’n’roll with Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran and The Beatles first manner, then the happiest time, the 60 and 70 of the legendary Hendrix, and giants such as Santana, Richards, Harrison, Clapton … Then the decline 80 years. For 90 years, then return to full maturity, see the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

David Gilmore by Pink Floyd

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