MV Agusta is back with the new born F3, a true technological masterpiece that unlike the older sister F4, has a 3-cylinder engine with 675 cc. An engine, the three cylinders of Cascina Costa, without doubt more successful than any other in the history of the house. In fact, won 37 World Championship, as many as 10 were obtained from models with a 3-cylinder engine. MV Agusta is indeed the first manufacturer in the world to believe in the technical solution, not in those days, and with the results mentioned above. How not to mention the 350 and 500 bi-tree 3-cylinder, motorcycle powerful yet easier to handle, light and aerodynamic 4-cylinder.

The New MV Agusta F3A true work of art on two wheels comes to impress. MV Agusta is synonymous with excellence in style, technique and content. The F3 does not hold some back in to maintain those features, but the segment of medium-powered super-sports.

If the F4, is considered the most beautiful in the world, setting new standards for the aesthetic and performance sports models, the new MV Agusta F3 goes further, outlining a new benchmark. Lightness, power and electronics combine in a unique and perfect symbiosis, which leads to the concept of extreme super sports car.

New MV Agusta F3

The project is unprecedented, the result of the mastery of CRC, the research center that created the bikes that make you dream of all the lines are unmistakably appassionati.The design is MV Agusta, just like the older sister of F4, but the F3 is unique, it is recognized between thousand.

The triple exhaust with side exit is a unique example of how form and function can coexist.

The new technology that is attached to are at the forefront of cycling, that makes the most technologically advanced bikes in the world.

An example is the motor against over the rotating wheel that includes a perfect balance, or the Ride by Wire system, with which the management of the gas takes place electronically without wires!

Unveiled at the EICMA Show in Milan it will be available from spring 2012.

Finally, we report below the words of Castiglioni, that will please many fans of two wheels:

The future is called F3, a new 675 cc three-cylinder that will revolutionize the market, as well as our company. It will cost about 9000 euro, perhaps 10-11 thousand in the sports version, and this will allow us to attack a new market segment. F4 and Brutale are two icons, but to make the product more affordable without compromising on quality we have to make different choices. We expect to sell up to 10 000 this year and will be the main weapon of the relaunch.

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