Gibson Guitar was the first in the world to have created a self -tuning guitar or that accords alone!, Which as claimed by the manufacturers is pure “robotic technology”. It is also called auto-tuner.


Gibson was in the forefront to incorporate the latest technologies into their guitars, and the Robot Guitar is no exception. The system is composed of five high technology components, which are extremely light and do not change the instrument sound in any way, in Gibson.Una control knob (which also serves as volume) allows the development with a simple ” push “or” pull “. E ‘with special keys with servomotors. Each motor on the stick and adjust the height of the strings are controlled by means of a Tune-Control bridge.



  • The Gibson Robot Guitar can play in standard A440 tuning, or allow the musician to have six different tunings, those commonly used by simply pressing a button.
  • Everything happens in a few seconds after the change, considering that so No need to intervene in the truss rod, which will adapt automatically to the selected setteggi or for example to changes in weather conditions.
  • With locking tuners, the replacement of a rope or the entire outline, will be a fully automated process.

Each setting of the Gibson Robot Guitar is intervening on the control knob (MCK). The control knob has all the functionality and operational control through 11 different positions. The Powerhead-Locking tuners are constructed of light alloy and are not heavier than common keys. They represent a revolution in guitar technology. Each Powerhead has a high-performance motor controlled by signals from the CPU mounted on the back of the guitar.


The Tune-Control Bridge, Tune Core-Controller, Data-Transmitting Tailpiece and the CPU are the command center of the entire Gibson Robot Guitar. Typically traditional musicians with guitars in giving their instrument will obtain a tuning of the beholder as an employee from musician to musician. The result is to have a tool is not perfectly in tune with the music or listening to other instruments. Whether in the studio and at home, you can have such precise intonation in perfect harmony with every other musical instrument. Also no longer need to make changes with each change of season, or for a change of strings different from previous ones. The first batch of limited edition Gibson Les Paul Robot Guitar went on sale on December 7, 2007 to 400 dealers throughout the world. Each store will only have 10 instruments that will be available in an exclusive Blue Silverburst Les Paul model. More information on the site of Gibson Robot Guitar.

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