Google Car Autonomously driving Car

A few days ago in The New York Times, has reported about some tests conducted by Google, the Mountain View giant, about a car without a driver!

Not to be confused with the cars that you can meet some time in the world, for the mapping of the roads in Street View, it is rather a very innovative project, to hear the words of the makers of Mountain View, change our mode of travel, reducing traffic, fuel consumption and accidents.

In order Google has set up a “normalToyota Prius with the use of 360-degree cameras, motion sensors, GPS, and who knows what else, creating a machine that can do the trade without the help of the driver!

There is still the confidentiality of the technical specifications of this technological jewel, the data is clear, however, that are the “numbers” that the project is building: already something like 224,000 km route along Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles ( to an average of 60 mph) only with the help of a human co-pilot ready to intervene if necessary, and even 1600 miles in total autonomy even in city traffic!

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