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Google Chrome, minimalist and clean graphics, performance with respect to the loading of Web sites actually more than Firefox 3.

Google Chrome comes just launched the first test and the result is shocking!

Although lacking Opera, the speed test administered to 5 major browser market (Chrome, IE 7, IE 8 beta 2, Firefox 3.0.1 and Safari 3.1.2) regarding the execution of JavaScript is clear: Chrome has driven all Look at this chart:


We clearly see how the newcomer breaking through all the competitors with an advantage not a little.

However, Firefox supports extensions, indeed indispensable, but so we are asking the question, it is better Chrome or Firefox 3?

Actually a flaw and not just Google Chrome presents …

For those who usually use Spybot will be aware the first scan!

Indeed it is not yet fully supported the Immunization for Google Chrome despite the ads, happen to find scans with hundreds of spyware, trojans and tracking cookies … Not a small little problem!

There must also be said that the problem is already known, and have announced new versions of the monitoring programs that also support the newcomer.

My advice until then is keep our beloved Firefox, secure, people and foolproof. Following solved problemini of “youth” for those who want to just get away, Google Chrome is a viable alternative to Firefox.

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