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Sincronizzare Segnalibro di Google ChromePerhaps one of the most significant utilities that every browser should have as its tools, you can synchronize your bookmarks online, so you can have “favorite” always just a click away on each PC we use, or simply make a safety backup.

Synchronize bookmarks between multiple computers with Google Chrome now becomes very simple.

While earlier versions of Chrome, to synchronize the bookmarks you had to use the flag -enable-sync, time synchronization is “native” as well as continuous. As seen in the video is extremely easy, but you must have a Google Account. Synchronizing bookmarks is useful both for those working on different machines and for those who want to make an online backup of your favorite sites.

Finally, remember that Xmarks (ex Foxmarks) course is available for Firefox, but Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome than that for the same, with the disclaimer “for Xmarks Chrome only works in the unstable dev version of the Chrome browser and is not for The Faint of Heart “, no longer a problem because there is found native in the new browser versions.

The version of “native” is used in Google Chrome since the beta build on. At the writing of this article Downloading  Google Chrome you already have this feature.

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