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While some head, compare, test, evaluate, appreciate and despise the newborn Google browser, the world of geeks is already at work.

We tried to make just a simple search on the various changes, tips, tricks … and the results are hardly missed. Many for example, have been making efforts to change the look of Chrome themes from inventing fanciful colors or even giving the same appearance of Firefox and Safari.

Let’s see how to change the theme

Simply replace the file default.dll (which we will try the PC after making hidden files visible) with a new one corresponding to the theme that we want to install. A nice collection of skins available on deviantART, Altaf Sayani, In this regard there is also a small toolchiamato Xchrome that allows you to automatically install and maintain our favorite themes. This instead is a list of

Tips and Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Opens a new incognito window
  • Alt + Home: Office of the start page of Chrome with all the previews of the most visited
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: Opens the last closed tabs. Repeating the command goes backward
  • Ctrl +1, Ctrl +2, Ctrl + 3 …: jumping between the different tabs
  • Ctrl + Tabs: allows to activate the open tabs in order of succession
  • Dragging a link from a page on the label of a tab will make available, if dragged between two boards will open a new tab.
  • To clear the track of a download in the downloads page: right-click the item to be erased -> Remove
  • To activate the window of Task Manager Chrome: right mouse button on the top bar of the browser. Here you can check the memory in use and other data on resources used by the various active processes.
  • Writing in the address bar about: plugins you can see what plugins are in use
  • Writing in the address bar About: crash we can see the cards blocked
  • Writing in the address bar about: stats, about: network, about: Histograms, about: memory, about: cache, about: dns, about: internets you can access all the information about each command
  • Shift + Esc: immediate access to the Task Manager window
  • F5: Refresh the page
  • Ctrl + D: Bookmark this page bookmarks
  • Ctrl + W: close the browser
  • Ctrl + E: allows to formulate queries special internal to page
  • Ctrl + U: shows the source code of a page
  • Ctrl + / –: Increase / decrease the font size

Finally, here is a recompiled version of Chrome Standalone Portable (without installing): Portable Chrome, useful to copy to a USB stick.

UPDATE – More commands accepted from the address bar:

about: network

about: Histograms

about: crashes

about: plugins

about: version

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