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Mail Gmail is available trought portal webmail Gmail address. For those who were interested in using the account with a client from your PC (eg Live Mail or Outlook Express etc. ..), we must first set up our account. Then we open the internet browser and we aim at Gmail, we perform login using User Name and Password.

gmail-accountUpon entering the home page click on link 1 – “Settings” at the top right, then the tab 2 – “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” and then click the link 3 – “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded )“, we find ourselves faced with a screen like this:

In this way we are choosing to receive all the messages previously received the approval of the download via email Client, if we want to download only the messages from the moment we are changing this configuration, select the second option: “Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now “. Another interesting option is the No 2, the first item in the dropdown menu ( “Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox“) enables us to keep the mail via Outlook Express also downloaded in the inbox of Gmail, the second entry ( “Archive Gmail’s copy” ) files downloaded messages, and the third item ( “Delete Gmail’s copy“) deletes the messages and inserts them in the trash, that after 30 days will be automatically emptied. Once selected the preferred options confirm by clicking the “Save Changes

When finished, we can close your Internet browser. Open up Outlook Express and click on the menu “Tools-> Account “(or the preferred email client to find, too, the voice that says “Create New Account)”, from the small window that opens click on the Add button -> electronic mail “opens a window, simply by entering compiliamola our name and surname or any text you want to appear as the sender of the e-mail sent. Click Next

Account-Gmail-SettingsIn this window insert our Gmail address (eg, if we fail to type it or you enter one wrong person to send some e-mail will not be able to respond or reply mail will be sent another person


Here insert the incoming mail server (POP3) and outgoing mail server (SMTP), respectively and, see picture:


The last screen insert the full address as the account name Gmail ( and password, then click Next and Finish.Account-Gmail-Settings-4

Completed these steps, click on the menu “Tools-> Account” by selecting it from the Gmail account you just created and click on “Properties”. A window opens, click on the tab “Server” and select the option “My server requires authentication” as shown:


We move now on the TabAdvanced Settings” and select the “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” for both the Incoming Mail section that outgoing mail, incoming mail in the box we insert the value “465” and in the outgoing value “995“‘, see in the picture settings correct:


If we put all the data correctly, we can finally begin to download and send mail to Gmail via Outlook Express.

NB: If you use a firewall, built into a router or an ADSL or ISDN firewall software or hardware, you must make available ( “open“) ports “465″ and “995Gmail to work correctly, otherwise you may get errors connecting to the server in both reception and sending mail.

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