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An article dedicated to those who, like me, are tired of seeing their Facebook profile with a white background like all the others.
Between applications on Facebook I found an excellent application that can change the template of our profile, choosing from many templates already built or create a completely customized.
Application site is called PageRage It is easy to use, follow the instructions on the site, having installed a plugin simply browse the various templates for Facebook and choose what we like best, after just install it and you’re done, finally you can distinguish yourself on Facebook with custom graphics.
If we want to return to the original graphics do not, no problem, just click on the link from the “Remove Current Layout From Your Profile Page” and everything will go back as before.

P.s. Most likely at least the first time you try to select a theme, you will be prompted to install Yonto plugin, accept and follow the 3 steps autoguitati to complete the installation.

“Clear that the new design, will appear only on your computer where you installed the plugin, other visitors will see our profile of normal, with the default graphics facebook.

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