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[UPDATE September 05, 2010]

Now to permanently delete our account just go to here

This is not the deactivation but the total elimination of all our data from Facebook!

P.s. As long useless and still provides for the underlying method proposed certainly the elimination of all our data from Facebook.

Delete an account from Facebook is, unlike what you might think all ‘nothing but simple, even they were born right on many Facebook groups like “How to erase from Facebook” or “close forever a Facebook account” or even a group of over 6 thousand people called “How to delete your information from Facebook without calling a lawyer.

It happens because a user is simply tired of using this social network or for other reasons no longer wants its data or personal information are public and therefore deems necessary to close the account and erased forever from Facebook and delete all personal data. So here’s the steps you need to unsubscribe from Facebook deleting data without calling the lawyer:

  1. Make sure your Facebook account has a valid email address
  2. Delete all other email addresses you entered in your account than that of point 1.
  3. Deactivate your account on Facebook
  4. Register using another e-mail, other than that of point 1.
  5. Sign in with the new account and add as a contact e-mail address of the usual address point 1.
  6. Click the confirmation link that Facebook will send you ‘, so that your “prior” account is canceled and not just disabled.

This is currently the best way to delete your information from their servers, I recommend the new account to use a temporary mail box.

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