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These days the personal pages of Facebook users will change totally. Is the new graphics and features that were added.

The first thing that you can see is the introduction of a banner 5 photos, especially chosen by each user through the photos where he was tagged.

The aim is to show the latest activities, thus creating a more dynamic profile page

Other changes relate to the total alignment of the entire structure of the profile page, with the presence of the navigation menu on the left under the main photo, and no longer under his own name as they did before. Found under our photo link in fact both the “Dashboard” and “info” and “Friends.”

Relationeships with our friendsBy the way, when you decide to make the change to the new design, there will be a wizzard which will guide you through all phases of customization of the entire profile, in addition to the detailed explanation of the new features introduced.

Anyone who still has the old page and wanted to switch to the new version, just check the bulletin from a friend who has already made the switch and click on the button that we will be shown on the application just to change the graphics of our page.

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