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Poke means touching a person to draw attention. Poke it once did when you wanted to see the profile of someone who was not even friend. If that person responds with “Poke Back” allows you to see their profile for a week. Now does not work anymore, poke is useless. Making poke a person like him is a phone call on your mobile phone. In reality, a mechanism that allows us to obtain the same result as poke, or see the profile of a user is not yet our friend remained. You may obtain in other ways very simple and lawful! You must do is send an facebook email to user in question and hope that we respond with another message. In fact, if a user sends a message on our profile or simply responds to our message, Facebook unlock their profile for about a month. It is to point out that not everything will be shown the profile, but we have not released ourselves any other options will display only the photos contained in the ‘main profile and album info, so to speak you can not see the bulletin or comment or anything else. In particular, the info that we will leave open, usually fields “General Information” and “Personal Information”. Expires this month, both profiles will once again be both hidden and you must repeat the operation for risbloccare those pages. The mechanism is designed for those who do not know each other directly, so have the opportunity to see the photos and info of the other user for a month, leaving the possibility of requiring cmq friendship and unlock the full profile.

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