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Today we want to show a really simple and creative method to create our link on Facebook.

We talk about the service offered by the website, which provides us with some simple tools for creating interactive and intuitive of our links.

Unlike other sites that offer similar services itself or Facebook, which consists of writing the notes, we find ourselves in front of a fast and functional, with the addition of a very welcome news.

In fact, besides the ability to upload your photos from your PC to use links, we can apply effects to the same images. In particular, we can add balloons, hearts or change the external shape adding frames or rounded edges, and much more. All characterized by a preview in real time, with which to view the final result before saving.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the link created will be shared directly with Facebook on the appropriate button, and not least the link created will be totally anonymous (unlike what happens when you create a note from Facebook).

Here’s how to create a link, in particular, we will create a link for Tecnics. So for example we can advertise our site with your friends, or make you want to use.

Interface of

  1. Write the title of our link
  2. Give a brief description (optional)
  3. Upload a photo directly from your PC
  4. Attach a photo uploaded on the system filter
  5. Watch the preview in real time will show us our links

Once we are satisfied with the result (6), we choose to publish it on Facebook or share the link you just created (7). create link

The address to click to get started to create our link is as follows:

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