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The chat in Facebook is certainly one of the best ways to communicate with our contacts immediately. Unfortunately, because of friends we have now added to the hundreds, most of the time, at least in my case, set your status to Offline, first of all not to say to others when we are connected, then why would not stay on Facebook and answer any chats that are launched by our friends.

Previously we spoke of the application that lets you set Facebook chat status to Offline, but knowing which of our friends are still connected. Finally, after having renewed ‘s homepage, and introduced the filter to skim the updates, now comes news that allows us to manage much better chat Facebook.

Filter added to the chat function lets you create lists of our contacts, and so appear online in chat only for those with whom we wish to chat. For example, if you want to appear online only for a small group of friends, and offline for your work colleagues, simply create two (or more) separate lists to be filtered so connections chat.

Friend list of Facebook Chat

To create the lists must first be set to On-line chat, and then choose which lists you want to include in the chat box. Obviously if you did not create a contact list, you can not select which appear in the chat, but since the function is essential, it would be good to start doing it by clicking the chat link on Friend List and drag the names of contacts that we want to add the list. My advice is to use the function found in the Friends section of your profile, and lose about ten minutes to organize all your friends and not on several separate lists.

After putting in order our contacts, we move back into the chat section and clicking Friend List’ll see all the lists we have created ready to be added to the chat.

Appear offline in Facebook Chat

Now in the chat window instead of seeing the names of contacts online in alphabetical order, we will see all the lists we’ve chosen to add, and alongside a small switch that will allow us to set our state for that particular circle of friends on line (green) or offline (Black). All contacts included in the lists set to Offline, can not know whether we are connected, it goes without saying that in this way we can choose to enable chat only for certain contacts.

If you want to return to the old mode, just uncheck all the lists of friends created, and you will see again all the contacts currently online in alphabetical order.

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