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You definitely want to have your documents with you always. Of course, the famous USB stick is very useful, but sometimes happen to have forgotten in their time of need, or losing it, and with her all our precious data.

Here then is a fantastic application, Dropbox, the easiest way to share and store our files on-line.

To date, we are immersed in Internet connections, so that we can enter the site at any time and place. Why not exploit this opportunity by sending in our pension, suppuration trust, USB keys?


Dropbox is simply an online archive, the interesting thing is that the application running in the background, the folder will be synchronized locally with the remote, and all this instantly and very easily, since it has not provided a graphical interface “specification” . This means that by moving or creating a file in a default folder, it will immediately be created even in the remote folder.

All data is secure because the connection is using SSL erffettuata and files are encrypted with AES-256 before filing.

1 1b The remote folder is also accessible from any PC or mobile terminal through a nice graphical interface, allowing us to edit, view and delete those files in the folder of your computer. 2

3 As if that were not enough, you can share your files with other people, making the public download, and create a gallery with the stored images. 4

5 Dropbox also keeps track of all the operations we do on the folder, and this allows us to see who has edited a file (if the folder is “shared” by multiple machines) and retrieve them in case of erroneous deletion. 6b Still not satisfied? And if I told you that Dropbox is available for Windows, Linux and Mac? For example those who use both Windows and Linux, you have the opportunity to exchange files between one system and another without having to run into complicated partitions compatible with both systems. Simply enter online at hand in its own space and repeat DropBox ‘installation for each operating system. Will be synchronized so all our files on any operating system at first logon. 7

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