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youtubeDownload, save and review videos from YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe … with DownloadHelper, an add-ons.

The operation is clearly possible even for those not using Firefox, thanks to the many services available online, which is not even necessary to install anything. Here is an overview of what we consider the simplest and most immediate use.

keepvidKeepVid is probably the most famous. Its use is simple: just paste the address of the YouTube page (which is our video) into the URL box and click on DOWNLOAD. Immediately following a screen where you can choose whether to download the file in low quality (get_video.flv – Low Quality) or high quality (video.mp4 – High Quality). In the first case, the download is complete, find the file on your PC get_video, which we would then rename and add the extension flv (eg samplename.flv). If instead you choose to download the video in high quality, the file will end up in the PC video.mp4, MPEG is already displayed with any compatible player. keepvid2
KeepVid also offers a very useful feature: dragging the icon on the toolbar bookmarklet KeepVid links in Firefox creates a dynamic link which leads automatically to the download page of video viewed on YouTube.

savetubeNot least is certainly SaveTube. Even here just paste the address of the page containing the video to download in the window, click on GO and wait for the appearance of the download link just below. SaveTube lets you download videos not only from YouTube, Google Video also,, Dailymotion, Break, Metacafe and Current. Contrary to KeepVid does not, at least momentarily, to download YouTube videos in HD quality. But we can remedy that we use the small tip on the YouTube videos in mp4, which we have already discussed.

kissyoutubeLast but not least there would KissYouTube. Like its predecessors, the procedure requires you to paste the address of the YouTube page (containing the video) in the window in this home page and then proceed with subsequent operations. Alternatively, we can activate the download operations by adding the word kiss in the address of the video, as shown in the sample:

Pity that the use of KissYouTube requires the installation of a Java application. With the same results is obviously easier and more convenient to use the services of which we spoke earlier.

Whatever our choice, we finally need to see the movie you just downloaded. To this end the choice is wide: for movies to Flash Video (FLV) is an excellent FLV Player or excellent VLC media player, universal player now.

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  • Andy says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    It is also recommended to try wantyoutube. com
    It’s totally free and easy to use.
    Or you can just add “want” in youtube URL to get videos!

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