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What is the difference between locked and deleted?

Since many are still much confusion I wanted to explain the difference between locked and deleted.

When you contact one of our stops

When one of our contacts has blocked us, we can not see more “in line”, we talk about why we see him always on “off line”. But he continues to see each other every time you log on msn. But he will not speak until you unlock.

When our contact us eliminate

When one of our contacts, we remove, we still see it when you connect and we can also talk to him. Of course he can speak only when we open the conversation window (because he can not do it because we are not in your contact list).

When we stop and eliminate simultaneously.

In this case the answer comes easy. We will not see more contact connected nor can we speak to him. Nor can he seen that there has to be locked out.

So if we discover that someone has deleted but we still see it when you connect, it means that there has only deleted and locked. While we know that we have not eliminated but we never see the connection is likely that there has also blocked.

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