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Simple ways to find out who deleted you

1- I know who has eliminated

The simplest and trivial is to open MSN (any version of Microsoft Windows), click on Tools / Options / Privacy. You will see the screen that’s in this picture:



So, for you know who has deleted you click with the right mouse button on a contact (either in the list “allow” as in that “stuck”). If the contact you have written will come out of the three options at the bottom “delete.” If not we will say that there will be eliminated.

Example 1: This contact has deleted me:



Example 2: This contact has not deleted me:



2- I know who has deleted (using the longest)

Another method is to open msn, go to Tools / Options / Privacy and click below on “contact lists of other users that are present” and click on “View.” In this way, even if very slow, you know all those that have not eliminated. So, those that do not mean that you have found out from your contacts list!

3- I know who has eliminated through a program

As I have already discussed previously, instead of using the Microsoft MSN Messenger, you can use aMSN, another program by the same feature that lets you know who deleted you directly. Exits written by contacts, next to the nickname is an icon that tells you if the lead has dropped. In my opinion is the most fast and easy. More click here.

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