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Aero Flip 3D was introduced Vista. With Aero Flip 3D, You can quickly see a preview of all open windows (for example, folders, documents and programs), without access to the taskbar. It displays your open windows in a nice display stack 3D.

To use Flip 3D, hold the Windows button with key TAB. Also holding down the Windows button use key TAB to rotate the stack. This moves the windows in the queue so you can see all the windows in sequence. Once you see the window you want to activate, release of Windows button. This window when you release the button, Windows will be the active window.

Alt-Tab, instead show the windows open, but in a different visual presentation. Instead of a 3D stack, you’ll see thumbnails of open windows. While in Windows XP, Alt-Tab will show program icons now shows the thumbnails. You can switch between windows by pressing TAB while holding down Alt

You can also navigate using the arrow keys instead of the TAB.

Note: Flip 3D is part of the Aero effects. If your computer does not support Aero, or if you use a different theme for Windows 7 Aero theme, you can see programs and open windows on your computer only by pressing ALT + TAB.

If you consider boring the traditional Alt-Tab method, Flip 3D is a good alternative. The only downside is that you need hardware that supports Aero.

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