There is no application that can make us become invisible on Facebook, but with the application developed by Tony Abou Slaiby you can ‘solve the problem. How? Simple. With Appear Offline you can ‘see who is online without logging on Facebook (ie leaving the chat off, the red ball so to speak), so none of your contacts .. Continue reading [..]


An article dedicated to those who, like me, are tired of seeing their Facebook profile with a white background like all the others.
Between applications on Facebook I found an excellent application that can change the template of our profile, choosing from many templates already built or create a completely customized.. Continue reading [..]


What is the difference between locked and deleted?

Since many are still much confusion I wanted to explain the difference between locked and deleted.

When you contact one of our stops

When one of our contacts has blocked us, we can not see more “in line”, we talk about why we shall see no more “off line”. But he continues to.. Continue reading [..]


Among the new changes that Facebook is introducing these days from now when you are online, all notifications will appear automatically in real time, over the bar of the chat as a pop-up alerts. For example, if a friend wrote sullla dashboard, you’ll see a notification similar to the one you see in the image above. After a few seconds, the notification will disappear.. Continue reading [..]


The robots.txt file is a file used to deny or allow access to engine spiders search the site or some pages and web resources.

The robots.txt file must be called and must be inserted in the root of the website:

The format of the robots.txt file

The format and semantics of the file "/ robots.txt is as follows:

The file consists of one or more lines.. Continue reading [..]


Google Chrome, minimalist and clean graphics, performance with respect to the loading of Web sites actually more than Firefox 3.

Google Chrome comes just launched the first test and the result is shocking!

Although lacking Opera, the speed test administered to 5 major browser market (Chrome, IE 7, IE 8 beta 2, Firefox 3.0.1 and Safari 3.1.2) regarding the execution of JavaScript is clear .. Continue reading [..]

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