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One of the strengths of Firefox is security. Unlike Internet Explorer, which if attacked by viral activity of any kind involves the ‘Windows Explorer (the program that governs most of the system), Firefox does not compromise the external programs, much less the operating system. Any damage affecting the program and the profile in use.

For this, create more than one profile on the same installation ensures not only greater privacy but also additional security. One way to create additional profiles on Firefox is as follows.. Continue reading [..]

Sharing files and folders over the network is as simple as possible so the immediate setting up an FTP server on your PC. We Want that a friend withdraws file too large to send via email? We need to share a folder with a group of people?

Here’s how:

  • Download FileZilla server and after installing it, execute it..

  • .. Continue reading [..]

    .. Continue reading [..]

    Gmail-SettingsMail Gmail is available trought portal webmail Gmail address. For those who were interested in using the account with a client from your PC (eg Live Mail or Outlook Express etc. ..), we must first set up our account. Then we open the internet browser and we aim at Gmail, we perform login using User Name and Password.

    Upon entering the home page click on link 1 – “Settings” at the top right, then the tab 2 – “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” and then click the link 3 – “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded )“, we find ourselves faced with a screen like this.. Continue reading [..]

    (WARNING method is valid only for private users or host server (
    eg and the like) using, in fact users that have a free blog at registered are not allowed to add themes, I do ftp as reported in the Support section of

    Even if it is simple to install a theme, many do not know it. In this article we will see what steps have to be followed to install a WordPress theme in our blog.. Continue reading [..]

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