new graphics profile

These days the personal pages of Facebook users will change totally. Is the new graphics and features that were added.

The first thing that you can see is the introduction of a banner 5 photos, especially chosen by each user through the photos where he was tagged.

The aim is to show the latest activities, thus creating a more dynamic profile.. Continue reading [..]

Facebook integrated in Skype5
Is being rolled out the new version of Skype, version 5.

The new features are really interesting, of all ranks the integration of the world’s most popular social networks, Facebook.

In particular, are now integrated into the home of the program the.. Continue reading [..]

MV Agusta F3 MV Agusta is back with the new born F3, a true technological masterpiece that unlike the older sister F4, has a 3-cylinder engine with 675 cc. An engine, the three cylinders of Cascina Costa, without doubt more successful than any other in the history of the house. In fact, won 37 World Championship.. Continue reading [..]

Google Car Autonomously driving Car

A few days ago in The New York Times, has reported about some tests conducted by Google, the Mountain View giant, about a car without a driver!.. Continue reading [..]

Friend list of Facebook Chat
The chat in Facebook is certainly one of the best ways to communicate with our contact immediately. Unfortunately, because of friends we have now added to the hundreds, most of the time, at least in my case, set your status to Offline, first of all not to say to others when we are connected, then why would not stay on Facebook and answer any chats that are launched by our friends.. Continue reading [..]

google-chrome-how-to-synchronize-bookmarksPerhaps one of the most significant utilities that every browser should have as its tools, you can synchronize your bookmarks online, so you can have “favorite” always just a click away on each PC we use, or simply make a safety backup

Synchronize bookmarks between multiple computers with Google Chrome now becomes very simple.

While earlier versions of Chrome, to synchronize the bookmarks you had to use the flag -enable-sync, time synchronization is “native” as well as.. Continue reading [..]

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