CaptureTo insert YouTube videos into a phpBB3 forum is a simple way, (which actually did not know until recently) …

It’s can make a fantastic option for phpBB3, which is the creation of custom BBcode codes. In 2 minutes you will have the ability to insert YouTube videos on your phpbb3 forum, with a simple.. Continue reading [..]

In this turbofan engine, the amount of air pressure in the bypass is three times that which reaches the combustion chamber in the core of the engine. Although not as powerful as the turbojet, the turbofan is quieter and efficient features that justify their use on passenger aircraft.. Continue reading [..]

Many of you, using the world’s most popular social network, you will certainly will face the so-called “special characters”, and you will be asked more than once, “but how the heck you spell that?” not found the spot on your keyboard.

Well that is why today we will publish a list of many of the.. Continue reading [..]



For all users of Facebook, here is the complete list of all emoticons that are possible using the chat.

In the table below, the complete list of all the emoticons used in chat to Facebook, with its shortcuts text.. Continue reading [..]


[UPDATE September 05, 2010] Inside..

Delete an account from Facebook is, unlike what you might think all nothing but simple, even they were born right on many Facebook groups like "How to erase from Facebook" or "close forever a Facebook account" or even a group of over 6 thousand people called "How to delete your information from Facebook without calling a lawyer".. Continue reading [..]


Rolls-Royce Trent is a family of turbofan aircraft engines with high dilution ratio for civilian use products from the British Rolls-Royce plc.

Potent Trent 970 Airbus A380 were subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the goals set as fuel consumption, exhaust gases, noise and safety. The Rolls-Royce Trent is the turbine diameter greater than any other Rolls-Royce.. Continue reading [..]

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