In a few days is Christmas and also on our mail often arrives many Christmas-themed e-mails … but as you can quickly create an animated gif with effect snow? No problem … With Photoshop and immediately see how to create a beautiful snow digital 🙂

Step 1: create flakes

We choose a photo maybe a landscape of mountains.. Continue reading [..]


You know the icons of the iPhone?

And now broken out mania icons for bright, with translucent effect, the can be found everywhere. Well, to help anyone who wants to create their own icons in iPhone style, I leave you here a video tutorial very helpful in this regard to create them yourself with Photoshop.

Naturally, the method is valid to create any graphic style iPhone not only icons, such as buttons, banners, etc.. Continue reading [..]


In this article we will see how to install WordPress locally on your computer, especially with Windows operating system and package EasyPHP. In this way you will be able to develop and test your blog without having to access the Internet.

Pre-requisites: On Linux platform, you must have already installed Ubuntu, the LAMP suite (or equivalent eg. XAMPP) and administration tool phpMyAdmin (already included in the packages above). We will follow two paths, the first for a new installation of wordpress, or without the presence of a legacy database and the second to export our existing wordpress blog, so with an existing database.. Continue reading [..]


Here’s a "trick" to insert music on your Facebook profile without installing any application.

The method is simple.. Continue reading [..]


To change the IP address in Windows XP, open the Control Panel (Classic view), then double-click Network Connections.

Alternatively you can click with the right mouse button usually present the Network Neighborhood icon on the desktop or Start menu.

This will open the following:


Double-click the network that you want to change the IP address, the window opened click the Properties button to see this other window:. Continue reading [..]


The strange episodes of Canneto di Caronia – spontaneous fires in houses, vegetation, abnormal flow of electromagnetic energy, sightings of Ovni – do not end up in oblivion. It appears that within a reasonable period of time (at a guess by the end of 2009) will restore those monitors that a couple of years ago had been suspended, creating a.. Continue reading [..]

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