Simple ways to find out who deleted you

1- I know who has eliminated

The simplest and trivial is to open MSN (any version of Microsoft Windows), click on Tools / Options / Privacy. You will see the screen that’s in this figure:


Faster than a bullet, goes beyond the sound barrier and looks like a missile with wheels. And is called Bloodhound supersonic car is the prototype of perhaps destined to pulverize the world record for land speed (1228 km / h) obtained in 1997.. Continue reading [..]


This is one of the best freeware satellite tracking who has ever tried before. The program is suitable for both beginners and advanced amateurs. In its simplest form you can see, for example, the positions of the ISS or Space Shuttle and follow the Ground-Track.

Enriched by an extensive database of satellites, you can have the hours, contact details and preview the surface GEOGRAPHICAL theory that the satellite will fly.. Continue reading [..]

Poke means touching a person to draw attention. Poke it once did when you wanted to see the profile of someone who was not even friend. If that person responds with "Poke Back" allows you to see their profile for a week. Now does not work anymore, poke is useless. Making poke a person like him is a phone call on your mobile phone. In reality, a mechanism that allows us to achieve the same result .. Continue reading [..]


We propose to build at a cost insignificant (a few euros) an oscillator using the integrated timer 555. This proposal is a kind of relaxation oscillator for generating output square wave of fixed frequency up to 500kHz with the possibility of different Duty Cycle between 50 -100%. Unlike ‘s use of the 555 timer in a monostable circuit which produces a single pulse output (one-shot), when activated on its input pin 2 (trigger), in order to obtain the oscillator from 555 to astable Multivibrator , you must continuously re-activate the IC 555, after each cycle timing.. Continue reading [..]


With the Ducati Desmosedici RR was the first manufacturer to bring the technology to MotoGP on a motostradale. Thus realize the dream of those who want to experience the thrill of driving a motorcycle Grand Prix. The Desmosedici RR has over 200cv kit racing exhaust, 989cc engine capacity, 4-cylinder L in Twin Pulse configuration. Desmodromic 16-titanium valves, dual overhead cam head, electronic ignition, 5 throttle bodies with injectors 12 holes.. Continue reading [..]

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