Faster than a bullet, goes beyond the sound barrier and looks like a missile with wheels. And is called Bloodhound supersonic car is the prototype of perhaps destined to pulverize the world record for land speed (1228 km / h) obtained in 1997.. Continue reading [..]

In 2009, there is still someone who invests on a steam car and try to beat a record set more than a century ago: that is the singular challenge of a team of British engineers. (Alessandro Bolla, April 22, 2009)

A car capable of achieving the remarkable speed is 270 km / h is not a novelty, unless the fireball is not driven by a particular engine, how can it be a steam engine …. A team of British engineers is building this unique vehicle with the goal to beat the speed record for steam cars established in 1906 by American Stanley Steamer.. Continue reading [..]

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