Today we want to show a really simple and creative method to create our link on Facebook.

We talk about the service offered by the website, which provides us with some simple tools for creating interactive and intuitive of our links.. Continue reading [..]

new graphics profile

These days the personal pages of Facebook users will change totally. Is the new graphics and features that were added.

The first thing that you can see is the introduction of a banner 5 photos, especially chosen by each user through the photos where he was tagged.

The aim is to show the latest activities, thus creating a more dynamic profile.. Continue reading [..]

Facebook integrated in Skype5
Is being rolled out the new version of Skype, version 5.

The new features are really interesting, of all ranks the integration of the world’s most popular social networks, Facebook.

In particular, are now integrated into the home of the program the.. Continue reading [..]

Friend list of Facebook Chat
The chat in Facebook is certainly one of the best ways to communicate with our contact immediately. Unfortunately, because of friends we have now added to the hundreds, most of the time, at least in my case, set your status to Offline, first of all not to say to others when we are connected, then why would not stay on Facebook and answer any chats that are launched by our friends.. Continue reading [..]

Many of you, using the world’s most popular social network, you will certainly will face the so-called “special characters”, and you will be asked more than once, “but how the heck you spell that?” not found the spot on your keyboard.

Well that is why today we will publish a list of many of the.. Continue reading [..]



For all users of Facebook, here is the complete list of all emoticons that are possible using the chat.

In the table below, the complete list of all the emoticons used in chat to Facebook, with its shortcuts text.. Continue reading [..]

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