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These days the personal pages of Facebook users will change totally. Is the new graphics and features that were added.

The first thing that you can see is the introduction of a banner 5 photos, especially chosen by each user through the photos where he was tagged.

The aim is to show the latest activities, thus creating a more dynamic profile.. Continue reading [..]


News in recent days regarding the look and feel / function of Facebook, who apparently finds no rest: it was just a change that breaks the list of news.. Continue reading [..]

Earlier this week, Facebook users have to appease the opposition to the new homapage site, announced that he made a number of changes to the design of the page. I do not know if all the profiles have been updated, in my case I have seen the changes from today.

The following tips are useful primarily to reduce the overload of information, and manage them sensibly, without confusion and without the updates along with interesting accatastino useless things, unfortunately, more and more growth in the service… Continue reading [..]

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