The robots.txt file is a file used to deny or allow access to engine spiders search the site or some pages and web resources.

The robots.txt file must be called and must be inserted in the root of the website:

The format of the robots.txt file

The format and semantics of the file "/ robots.txt is as follows:

The file consists of one or more lines.. Continue reading [..]


Google Chrome, minimalist and clean graphics, performance with respect to the loading of Web sites actually more than Firefox 3.

Google Chrome comes just launched the first test and the result is shocking!

Although lacking Opera, the speed test administered to 5 major browser market (Chrome, IE 7, IE 8 beta 2, Firefox 3.0.1 and Safari 3.1.2) regarding the execution of JavaScript is clear .. Continue reading [..]


Who likes to download and install new fonts on your computer knows it is very easy to forget the name or appearance. Sure, if it happens just browse all the fonts and then find the right one, but sometimes there are many for which the operation may take much longer than you might imagine.

FontList is a small tool that.. Continue reading [..]

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