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Windows Xp Themes
, So it is only recommended for advanced users.

Just installed the operating system Windows Xp, It comes with a single theme clickable “moon theme“, with which we can change very little, (Colors and possibly desktop images).

Actually there is a chance to upset completely the graph expect Windows XP, modify toolbars, styles, and any other option regarding the look by installing a downloaded theme. There are many software that do this automatically, but are not recommended because it adds to the system consumes memory and resources of the PC. In fact for those intension at all costs to change the look of Windows XP, the solution is very simple: Download and install new themes, select it from the themes of windows.

As first Windows XP does not allow lighters to be able to install other themes if not the default.
Well, this is due to a single file “uxtheme.dll” which is located in the System (of software systems for this attention is a must, making a copy before replacing it)

With the installation of Service Pack 3 of Windows Xp, is again necessary to replace the uxtheme.dll a suitably amended version. The SP3 fact, restores the original version of the DLL that is responsible for managing issues, and thisnot allows to use visual themes are not digitally signed.

This involves replacing the original uxtheme.dll file with the following corrected version

Download Patched Uxtheme.dll: 6.0.2900.5512_EN.rar

To replace the dll need to download the application Replacer, allows to replace files that are in use by the operating system:

Download Replacer

Now just follow the letter the following:

  1. IMPORTANT: Remove the CD / DVD disc in Windows XP
  2. Start application Replacer: will open a command prompt
  3. Go to% WINDIR% \ system32, select the file uxtheme.dll and drag box Replacer
  4. Select the file uxtheme.dll PATCO and drag box Replacer
  5. Validate the replacement of the file
  6. Probably SFC will detect the replacement of the file and asks you to ‘user to restore the original file and insert the Windows XP disk: choose “Keep the files replaced”
  7. Restart your PC!


Alternative procedure by Sirius:

1 – After you download the uxtheme. dll patched start Windows in Safe Mode (to do this, press F8 before loading the operating system to boot the PC)
2 – In Folder Options to enable viewing of system files and file extensions
3 – Click Start-> Run-> type% windir% \ system32
4 – rename the folder that you open the file uxtheme.dll in uxtheme.tmp
5 – copying the downloaded uxtheme.dll file in the folder open before
6 – restart normally and apply the visual style you want without pausing or risks (eye to issues with alpha blending, are not supported by Windows XP)

An excellent site from which creaked beautiful themes for Windows XP you can find it here.

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