Seems a trivial question, one would think ok I uninstall the program and you’re done. Actually it is not so simple. The Skype account does not reside in our PC so even deleting the program, you can find our profile through research, which is certainly annoying to find our data still there. To eliminate all our profile follow the instructions below.. Continue reading [..]


If we do not we already noticed, Google Chrome does not yet support the export of bookmarks, which could be annoying if you have many bookmarks in Google Chrome that we want to move to another computer before formatting or if we just want to back them up. In any case, if we try to Google ‘export bookmarks Google Chrome’, we might come across this article from the forum that says to install Google Chrome SQLite Manager in Firefox and write a query to export bookmarks.. Continue reading [..]

FireFox Profile

One of the strengths of Firefox is security. Unlike Internet Explorer, which if attacked by viral activity of any kind involves the ‘Windows Explorer (the program that governs most of the system), Firefox does not compromise the external programs, much less the operating system. Any damage affecting the program and the profile in use.

For this, create more than one profile on the same installation ensures not only greater privacy but also additional security. One way to create additional profiles on Firefox is as follows.. Continue reading [..]

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