What is Thunder?


The storm is an intense convective phenomenon accompanied by strong gusts of wind, heavy rainfall also in character and hail lightning (lightning). The storms can be classified into three main types: heat, terrain and time of heat frontali.I develop when the atmosphere is in unstable conditions conditional on reaching a certain temperature near the ground. Are more likely in hot weather, in the mountains in the afternoon and evening.. Continue reading [..]


The Lockheed SR-71, better known by its unofficial nickname Blackbird was a U.S. strategic reconnaissance plane that served from 1966 until November 22, 1989, when all samples were placed and the land due to the deletion of funds for the usage. During his career, the SR-71 broke some records, such as faster speed.. Continue reading [..]

These are a clear testimony to the vitality of the earth, certainly all the volcanoes are the most visible effect of the fact that our planet is alive (see the flow of heat) and this is largely due to the movement who suffer from the plates (see plate tectonics) above the mantle.

An earthquake is a sudden vibration of the ground produced by sudden release of energy and that energy is spreading in all directions (like a sphere) in the form of waves. But what is this energy? Well imagine it’s like to have in my hands a stick of wood: if you start to bend it offers a resistance to bending which is expressed in the form of elastic energy, rocks behave the same way: ie if a piece of rock begins to deformed, it will offer some resistance (which changes depending on the type of rock), but when the forces that.. Continue reading [..]

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