Winch and Cranck
How many of you have heard words like : Spinnaker, Bowsprit, Lugger or Mainsail and the exclamation : Haul to Jib!
All of this maybe watching a tv in a boat race of the American’s Cup. How many of you, really, know whot they are meaning?
Carry on little sea wolves, do order on the boat and let’s go on the sea.. Continue reading [..]

Il leggendario Jimi Hendix

Turns 80, these days, the instrument more than any other in history, has revolutionized the way of making music: The Electric Guitar.

When Beauchamp and Rickenbacker invented the electromagnetic pick-up, in order to detect the vibrations of guitar strings, certainly did not think they are going to revolutionize the way of playing: with their invention was born the Rock!..

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