Is available for several days, the new version of the browser from Mozilla Firefox 3.6. The main novelties of this version are reduced resource use RAM has always been the Achilles heel of the well known browser, and promises a rate of 20% higher than the previous thanks to upgrades made to the engine JavaScript Tracemonkey and.. Continue reading [..]

FireFox Profile

One of the strengths of Firefox is security. Unlike Internet Explorer, which if attacked by viral activity of any kind involves the ‘Windows Explorer (the program that governs most of the system), Firefox does not compromise the external programs, much less the operating system. Any damage affecting the program and the profile in use.

For this, create more than one profile on the same installation ensures not only greater privacy but also additional security. One way to create additional profiles on Firefox is as follows.. Continue reading [..]

firefox backup restoreWhether it’s backup made of the inevitable first format the HD, or simply want to transfer the configuration of Firefox just bought the notebook, the usefulness of the applications which I am about to speak is certainly worthy of note.
Copy the profile means saving not only the extensions and themes in use, but also the content of history, contacts, passwords and favorites.
MozBackup is the first program.. Continue reading [..]

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