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Seems a trivial question, one would think ok I uninstall the program and you’re done. Actually it is not so simple. The Skype account does not reside in our PC so even deleting the program, you can find our profile through research, which is certainly annoying to find our data still there. To eliminate all our profile follow the instructions below.. Continue reading [..]

comandi di google

In this article we aim to bring a list of commands and google some combination thereof, with practical examples that will facilitate their use. The article is mainly aimed to webmasters in the hope that they will find the information useful for managing your site against search engine’s most important.. Continue reading [..]

Facebook integrated in Skype5
Is being rolled out the new version of Skype, version 5.

The new features are really interesting, of all ranks the integration of the world’s most popular social networks, Facebook.

In particular, are now integrated into the home of the program the.. Continue reading [..]


Simple ways to find out who deleted you

1- I know who has eliminated

The simplest and trivial is to open MSN (any version of Microsoft Windows), click on Tools / Options / Privacy. You will see the screen that’s in this figure:


You definitely want to have your documents with you always. Of course, the famous USB stick is very useful, but sometimes happen to have forgotten in their time of need, or losing it, and with her all our precious data.

Here then is a fantastic application, Dropbox, the easiest way to share and.. Continue reading [..]


What is the difference between locked and deleted?

Since many are still much confusion I wanted to explain the difference between locked and deleted.

When you contact one of our stops

When one of our contacts has blocked us, we can not see more “in line”, we talk about why we shall see no more “off line”. But he continues to.. Continue reading [..]

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